Youth Soccer Academies & Private Coaches:

Enroll More Clients And Grow Your Soccer Business

Reach Parents In Your Area & Book Dozens of Trial Classes Every Month Using Social Media

Promote Your Academy

Target parents in your region using Facebook and Instagram's advanced algorithms

Enroll New Players

Generate leads, book trial classes and close new paying customers

Grow Your Business

Bring consistency & predictability to your customer acquisition process

Case Studies

Some Of The Results We've Generated

30-Day campaign generated 102 parent leads in 10-15 mile radius with $610 spent in Facebook and Instagram ads. 30 trial classes booked and over $6,720 in revenue added to their academy.

Generated 565 parent leads and booked 127 trial classes in 60 days using our system. So far, they have added over 30 new kids to their soccer programs.

Went from 0 to 130+ players working with us, and even started a second location. Generated thousands of parent leads and booked hundreds of trial classes in the past few months.

In their first 37 days working with us, generated 105 leads, and booked 40 for trial sessions. Closed 14 customers, bringing $8,125 in revenue ($5,269 cash collected) - investing only $1,052 in ads.

Struggled to run ads on Facebook and Instagram until started working with us. In the first 30 days, generated 134 parent leads and booked 26 trial classes for their soccer club.

With $600 spent in social media ads in 30 days, they've generated 60 parent leads and booked 24 trial classes for their goalkeeper-only program. Closed 12 new customers.

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Soccer Academy Accelerator™

Solution for academies that already drive revenue, but want to step up their marketing & grow the business

Soccer Academy Accelerator

Solution for academies that already drive revenue, but want to step up their marketing & grow the business

Lead Generation

Generate qualified parent leads in a 10-15 mile radius around your location with Facebook and Instagram ads

AI Booking

Use artificial intelligence to have conversations with prospective customers and book them into your trial class calendar

CRM Software

Integrate a sales platform to manage and communicate with all prospective customers, automating tasks and tracking data

Advanced Analytics

Understand how many revenue dollars were generated for every dollar invested into advertising. We keep track of your numbers daily to ensure results!


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You Got Questions, We Have Answers

Feel free to contact us in case your question is not listed here. You can find our contact information below.

What is SoccerLeads?

We help youth soccer academies, clubs and private coaching businesses grow using social media and AI.

How Can You Help My Academy?

  • Generating parent leads in a 10-15 mile radius from your location

  • Starting conversations and booking them into trial classes / introduction classes

  • Platform designed to streamline your sales process

  • Promoting events such as camps and tryouts

Where Are Your Located?

We're based in beautiful Lakeland, in central Florida but work with academies across the country 🇺🇸

What Results Can I Expect?

Results may vary depending on several conditions and factors such as amount invested in ads, location, audience size, offer, etc. If you haven't marketed your business online it might take longer.

Here are some average numbers, across from all the accounts we manage in the United States:

- In average, our clients generate leads within 72h of working with us.

- In average, our clients’ cost per lead is $13.75 (for every $13.75 in ads, a new parent lead is generated)

- In average, our clients book a trial or tryout every 5 leads generated (20% booking rate)

- In average, our clients close trial classes into customers at 45% conversion rate

Please keep in mind those numbers are average numbers across accounts in the entire United States and you should expect results to vary.

At SoccerLeads, we do not endorse "get rich quick" schemes. Your results can differ significantly and depend on various factors, such as your personal background, financial resources, business experience, and hard work. It's important to recognize that all business endeavors carry inherent risks and require substantial, ongoing effort and commitment. If you are unwilling to acknowledge this reality, our programs may not be suitable for you.

How Much Should I Expect To Invest?

It depends. Book a 15-minute phone call with our team so we can better understand about your academy current situation and goals - and show your more details about our programs.

How Can I Contact You?

  1. Click here to send us a WhatsApp message

  2. Text us at (863)400-0407

  3. Email us at [email protected]

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